Sunday, August 23, 2009

Granada, Nicaragua

My last stop in Central America was Granada, Nicaragua. I only left myself about 3 days for Nicaragua after having to spend some time getting well in Honduras. Its really more of the same Central American craziness I expeirenced in Guatemala and Honduras. Below is a pic of a fire twirler spitting fire outside our hostel.

Lago Apoyo was one of the destinations I´d hoped to get to but didn´t think I would with such a short amount of time. Well I took a bus to a few different small towns outside Granada one day and was just about to give up on finding anything worthwhile when I noticed a "lookout point" sign. I hiked up the hill and was rewarded with this view of the lake from above. Its always more beautiful when its unexpected.

Here´s a basket full of chickens. Obviously.

The architecture in Granada is fantastic and this church below was just one of many in the town.

Not the most exciting post I´ve made but wanted to give Nicaragua a shout out so I at least can try to remember my brief visit there. Probably what I´ll remember most was the 8 hours I waited in the airport as they repeatedly pushed back our flight. I barely made it to Indiana in time for Evan´s wedding the next day. Speaking of...

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