Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ghetto Hotels

The worst part of my trip so far has been the long bus rides and awful hotels you end up in while in route from one place to the other. Take this gem of a room for example:

Yes they actually stamped the name of the hotel onto the sheets. As if anyone would want to steal these. I slept in my clothes on top and still felt dirty. Luckily I was only in the room for 5 hours before catching a 5:30am bus.

I also stayed in a dorm room at a Hostel in Granada, Nicaragua that placed mattresses on the floor for people who were desperate for a place to sleep. I walked into the dorm to see this little guy chillin right on some poor chaps pillow. Click on the picture if you want a closer look.

Mostly it hasn't been that bad sleeping in hostels. Its just every now and then when you're moving from one town to the next you kind of just end up staying somewhere you wouldn't normally because you get off the bus at 11pm and its raining and you didn't look up a hotel before you left and don't have a guidebook on you to help you out. I'm trying to get better at not doing this.


  1. Jordan, Mom told me about your blog and today
    I signed on as a all the past
    blogs and was so facinated...I think it is so
    great that you are doing this trip with all
    the new experiences...better than just doing
    the general sight-seeing. Keep having a
    wonderful trip and keep us all
    the pics too!! love, sue h (in D.C.)

  2. so i'm not going to sign up officially as your "follower," (cult!)but i will check back every once and a while to see when you post some wedding pics.