Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Astoral Travelling and Lucid Dreams - San Marcos, Guatemala

My last week in Guatemala has been an amazing surprise. I didn´t do much research for my trip before I left and really only knew one or two places I wanted to go. Lake Atitlan for Spanish school and Tikal (Ancient Mayan Ruins). Sometime on the plane I changed my mind and started off with school for a week in Antigua. After that I went to Lake Atitlan and the lakeside village of San Marcos which is the hippie capital of the 8 or so lakeside villages. Its Hippie in that there are several meditation centers and really really chilled out people there, not because it´s full of drugs. That would be its neighbor across the pond San Pedro which I avoided after a long week in Antigua.
San Marcos proved to be a relaxing and exhilirating place. I walked into the Flower Therapy Center to try to understand what some of the crazy classes I saw them advertise were. Lucid Dreams, Astoral Travelling, Reiki??? As I was reading about them a girl taking a 5 day massage therapy course asked me if she could practice on me for awhile. The day was starting nicely.
Immediately after I went back to the lake and climbed up to the top of a 30 or 35 foot cliff and jumped off it into the water. Repeatedly. It was amazing and here are some pictures to try to give you an idea.

I did about five jumps then me and two other guys all jumped off at the same time. The first jump is terrifying because you´re not sure you can clear the cliff jutting out below and the sun reflects off of the rocks at the bottom making it look like there are really shallow rocks below you as you helplessly decend into them. You cant see the reflection until you are airborne so it really scares the hell out of you once you first jump.

Here was the view out my bedroom window and a pic of a few volanos across the lake. Lake Atitlan is a beautiful place I will spend more time exploring next time I´m in Guatemala.

I headed off to Lanquin and Semuc Champey the next day.

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