Sunday, August 23, 2009

Evan and Andy's Wedding

My flight from Nicaragua to Indiana was supposed to get me into Indy on the Friday night before the wedding but because of the huge 8 hour delay in Nicaragua I didn´t land until Saturday at about 1pm. And my bag didn´t make it from my transfer in Chicago. My mom picks me up and I´m a little frazzeled that all I have is my shorts, sandals and a smelly tshirt to wear to the wedding that starts at....."Hey mom, what time is the wedding?"
Mom - I don´t know, I figured if you were flying in from Nicaragua you´d know.
Me - Well I think its at night but what if it starts at 3? Is it downtown?
Mom - No idea. I know we´re having chicken, but I can´t tell you anything else.

So I think I get my laidback attitude from my mom. Luckily I have good friends and Jared delivered the outfit you see below just a few hours before the wedding and my old roommate from Rome, Charlie, was able to provide the start time and address.

It was really great seeing Andy and Evan finally get married. I met them both in Rome back when Evan and I were studying abroad and they´ve both been great friends ever since. Evan looked stunning and Andy looked studdley standing next to her as always. I probably should appologize to Evan´s parents who I spoke to for about five minutes as I left the wedding and probably only managed to tell them how much I love Andy and Evan. But I do, so now they know, even if it did take a while to get it out.

It was good being home for 48 hours and seeing my friends and family one last time for probably a year. My mom even gave me $40 for a super nice dinner with Gemma in Lima, Peru before I left. Gotta love the last second gifts from Mom.

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