Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Walt Disney World with the Fam

So naturally I started my Around the World trip at Disney World. I don´t get to see my family that often so when I realized they had a vacation planned that fit in nicely with my schedule I couldn´t pass on the opportunity to see them before I go. That and I actually really like Disney. My grandpa worked there for 25 years and my family has been going since before I was born.

The truth is I think Disney did alot to install the wanderlust in me from an early age. At Epcot they have the World Showcase which is my favorite place there. Eleven different countries are represented, each with pretty realistic recreations of the architecture. Disney also brings over students from each country to work there and you can eat at restaurants serving their country´s cuisine. With a little imagination it can feel like you´re really there. After visiting many of the countries on my own and now going back to Disney, it really is pretty impressive how accurate it is.

The trip was alot of fun. I´ve been to Disney more times than I can count but to go with my neice and two nephews and see the looks on their faces and see them experience it for the first or second time makes it fun all over again. Here is a pic of Alexis and Jake riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with me. You can tell who´s having a good time and who isn´t.

My nephew Jake is really into fishing right now so I figured I would take him fishing one day despite the fact that I wasn´t sure who was gonna take the fish off the hook if he caught one. He´s four and I´d rather he did it. Luckily it wasn´t a problem. It took me so long to get a worm on the hook that Lee, a welder and good ol boy from Alabama, saw me struggling and came to save the day. We didn´t catch anything which Jake blamed on me and I didn´t really argue.

Here are some of my favorite ladies; Lexi, Minnie and Mom.

I can´t say enough how good it was to spend some time with my family before I left. I´m really glad I got the chance to see them and will miss them alot on my trip.

PS I´m in Guatemala right now and while the internet isn´t terribly slow, its not like it is at home so updating the blog is kind of tedious. I´m gonna try my best to keep it up to date. Once I get my pics uploaded I´ll write about the past few days.

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  1. hahha. My personal fave post! Lookin good Jordan! Stay safe!