Monday, July 13, 2009

First Stop Bratwurst

I forgot to mention in my last post that I actually am starting my trip with 6 nights in Germany. I've spent the last few days in Berlin and Frankfurt and made a little day trip to Potsdam. In case you don't know, Germany is dope. Its not going to be relaxing or overly beautiful when you visit but the place is so full of history you can't turn a corner without seeing something else amazing.
I came to visit my friend Stephanie who moved to Berlin a few months ago and always hooks me up with free places to stay wherever we find ourself around the world. This trip is no different as she is currently doing a project for and got us two nights in the amazing Roomers Hotel in Frankfurt. As you can see from the smile on my face in the pic below, it was a fantastic time.

I also got to drive on the Autobahn for the first time and took our little Volkswagen EOS as fast as it would let me. Unfortunately it had an electronic cut off at 220kmh, but that's 136.7mph and I'll take it. I forgot that driving in the far left lane is strictly for passing and one time even though I was driving about 180, a black Porsche came up behind me so fast I can't describe it. I got over and he blew past me off into the distance. I was jealous. Here's a pic I took while driving 220, that's safe right?
Potsdam was a definite highlight of my trip. Park Sanssouci (which means "without cares") is where you'll find the summer palace of Frederick the Great. It is the German equivalent of Versailles in France. Imagine Central Park with 5 palaces in it. I took about 650 pictures during my week in Germany and its really hard to pic just a few to show you but here is a good one I took of the New Palace (Neues Palais).

But one of the main reasons I really enjoyed my time in Germany was the amazing amount of art in Berlin. One of the highlights of the trip was going to Kunsthaus Tacheles. This building once was one of the largest department stores in Europe but was bombed heavily during the war. Most of it was torn down or destroyed but whats left now houses something extraordinary. It is now a self organized collective of artists. Stephanie and I went after dinner and arrived about 11pm on a Monday. The place was jumping. We only intended to stay for a drink or two and ended up staying till 5am. This place could not exist in the US. If it does please tell me where! Essentially artists took over the building and set up their studios there. In the evenings there are about 6 "bars" that serve drinks and play music. There was also a famous Colombian band playing the night we were there. I'll try to post some photos to give you an idea but it probably won't do it justice: The guy in the green shirt is explaining to Stephanie how David Hasselhoff was responsible for bringing down the Berlin Wall! He is also the Berlin Ambassador for and I met a girl named Satya from Portland who is staying with him and said her room is a Hasselhoff shrine. I've emailed her and am awaiting a pic which I'll be sure to post if she sends to me. The pinkish pic is a lounge area on the top floor of the gallery where apparently smoking weed is legal. The next pic is the view from this lounge.

Another highlight would be the sausage. I must have tried at least five different kinds of Bratwurst. Currywurst is probably the most popular and delicious:

Berlin is very inexpensive to live in compared to other European cities and because of this artists flock here. I found this yellow polka dotted rain coat sitting on the ledge of a photo gallery and Steph and I were inspired.

I wish I could write more because Berlin deserves it but I've got a flight to catch! Off to Orlando to see my family for a week before heading off to Guatemala. Did I mention I've been drinking champagne in the BA Lounge at Gatwick while writing this? Gotta love Platinum Frequent Flyer Status. ;o)

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  1. First stop Bratwurst!! I am still trying to carve off the bratwurst from my stomach alla doner kabob style. Had fun with you! looking forward to watching your trip!