Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mancora, Peru - Finally Reached a Beach

We finally reached a beach! Woohoo! After two months of climbing everything under the sun and being in landlocked Bolivia for a month, we were ready for some fun in the sun. So much so that we took two overnight buses to go from the very south of Peru to the very northern coastal town of Mancora. The bus ride wasn´t fun and the bus company lost our bags along the way which meant we hit the beach in our warm clothes we had on from the south. Luckily they delivered them a day and a half later. I finally shaved my beard and immediately looked about 12 years old.

We stayed at a hostel right on the beach and soaked up the sun for five days. It was nice eating lunch near the ocean while watching kiteboarders jump waves. One day we took a tuktuk to a mud bath just outside town in a national park. We had it all to ourselves until all the locals showed up and watched us for about fifteen minutes laughing at how white Gemma is. Ha.

Next stop is Ecuador, the third country in our South American tour.

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