Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Most backpackers simply transfer buses in Guayaquil and have little thats nice to say about the town but the guide book said there were a few things to see so we thought we´d give it a day. It turned out to be a good decision. The Guayaquil we experienced was lovely. The town spent a considerable amount of money transforming the waterfront from a dirty crime ridden area into a long strolling boardwalk with gardens, restaurants and sculptures.

There is also a cobblestoned street full of art galleries that look out over the river. We spent some time popping in and out of them before climbing a staircase to the top of a big hill that provided a nice view out over the city.

Later in the afternoon we went to the cemetary to mix it up a bit. There are only so many churches and plazas you can see in each town before you need to challenge yourself to see something different. It was actually a beautiful area with lots of marble flooring and palm trees. We saw former presidents and generals impressive gravesites and many more simpler crumbling ones.

In the evening we drank dollar beers and ate falafel along the riverside looking out on the sailboat below. It reminded me of college a bit, mainly because I can´t remember the last time I drank a dollar beer. Another fun fact is Ecuador uses US dollars for their currency. The bills are the same but the coins have Ecuadorian figures and monuments on them.

We left the next morning to go to the beachtown of Montanita.

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