Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bolivia vs Brazil World Cup Qualifier

So Brazil was already qualified for the 2012 World Cup and it was impossible for Bolivia to qualify at this point, but we still went and had a blast watching some football. We were told Brazil had never beaten Bolivia in Bolivia so we thought they might have a fighting chance, and you know what? They actually won. Granted Brazil was probably playing their C team but still. We also found it odd that Brazil was out on the pitch warming up 45 minutes before the match and Bolivia´s team never even came out until kickoff.

It was definitely the least excited crowd I´ve ever seen at a football match. When Bolivia scored their first goal early in the game I expected the chanting and cheering to intensify and the stadium to fall down. Only the Bolivians didn´t seem to really care. It was odd. Not even one flare went off until Brazil scored its only goal in the second half.

We had amazing midfield seats and it was a really sunny day. We rocked sweet Bolivia jerseys, ate cinnamon ice cream, drank hot flat coke and had a great afternoon. GO BO-LIV-IAR!!!

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