Friday, April 09, 2010

Best Job in Ireland

So if you have ever emailed me even just once in your life then you probably saw that Gemma and I applied for the "Best Job in Ireland" contest. It was a contest to find a couple to test different honeymoon destinations around the world for six months. If there was ever a couple of people made for this job it was Gemma and I.

Here is the video we put together for the application. What we didn't mention in the 120 second video is that we don't have a camera that shoots video so we had to go into a camera store and ask if we could borrow one. I thought for sure they'd look at us like they were crazy but instead the kind owner swapped my slr camera with a brand new one thats better and shoots hd video. I can't say there would be many camera shop owners in the world that would do this but we were very grateful that he did.

We hopped into our van with a couple ghetto color print outs of some pretty destinations in Ireland and tried our best to make a 120 second video about why Ireland is the perfect destination for a wedding and why we are perfect for this job. These were the guidelines and here's what we came up with:

I then sent out an email to everyone on my email address book asking people to vote for us. We were hoping to get picked to be in the top 50 where we would have then been asked to write some more essays and get more people to vote for us to make the top ten. Instead they choose some of the cheesiest videos and cheesiest couples I've ever seen. Please try not to gag as you watch this one: (and check out the head roll this guy does at the very beginning-gag)

I actually picked this video out right after they announced the top 50. I just checked the site again and see that they made the top 10! Unbelievable. I will cry if they get picked for this job.

It looks like the judges were looking more for good videos than interesting couples. Although I can hardly call the video above good. What just because they can make their waists go big to show how "well rounded they are" that makes them a better fit??? To be fair it was really hard to put forth all of Gemma's personality into a 120 second video. I probably wasted too much time talking about our qualifications and not enough time talking about how entertaining we can be.

We really appreciate those folks who took the time to vote for us!

Oh well. We are sooooo over this. On to bigger and better things!


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