Wednesday, March 31, 2010

L&P Pilgramage

Gemma and I are traveling very slowly through the north island and its been great. Not having to worry about bus schedules or finding hostels has been a blessing. We just hop into our van and go wherever our little hearts take us. This super exciting blog post will be about our trip to the little town of Paeroa. The tourist buses in New Zealand don't head here and there's good reason why. There isn't anything to do here except get your picture taken in front of a giant bottle of L&P.

What is L&P you ask? L&P is a delicious and refreshing beverage that is "World Famous in New Zealand". I'm pretty sure you can't find it anywhere other than here in NZ. It all started in the little town of Paeroa where someone discovered a mineral water spring and started mixing it with lemon juice and carbonating the water. Its now manufactured by Coca Cola but is still delicious.

Anyway, we have a strange obsession with it and so we decided to drive through Paeora even though its a bit out of the way just for the hell of it.

On the way we passed by a cheesery and stopped to check it out. We ended up buying some garlic and chive gouda and some Italian herb feta.

We arrived in L&P town and noticed there were some horse races going on. I pulled in hoping that this town actually might have some good craic in it but we were sorely disappointed. It was nothing like the debauchery of the Kentucky Derby. Just a bunch of old people with nothing better to do and not enough money to spare to be betting on the races.

We left quickly, after one race, and headed to the giant L&P bottle for a quick pic. You might notice all the parking lot in the foreground below and how the lady taking the pic cut off the top of the bottle....

She was like "take a look and tell me what you think" I was like, umm, maybe less parking lot and get the top of the bottle in? Some people are helpless behind a camera. She did get it right the second time.

We were disappointed that we couldn't find any good L&P t-shirts or gear for our van but we did buy some L&P ice cream that was pretty good.

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