Sunday, December 13, 2009

Keyon, God Bless him

If you read the last post you saw a couple pictures of our dear friend Keyon and got a small insight into what he added to our adventure. But it just wouldn´t be right for us to leave it at that. Keyon was the only friend out of many that kept his word and actually came out to meet Gemma and I on this trip so far. And for that we shall roast him. ;o) That and he also sent me an email calling me a Loser after the Colts lost the Super Bowl. Way to hit a man when he´s already down.

It is really difficult to coordinate schedules with us as we are constantly moving and changing our plans every few days but Keyon made it work. He flew into Bogota and then took a twenty hour bus up to Cartegena to meet us. What he didn´t do was call or email us when he landed as planned to let us know if he made it from the airport to the bus station in time. He also failed to call us even once during the twenty hour bus ride which stops at least five times along the way. So Gemma and I, like worried parents were starting to freak out when we hadn´t heard from him in 24 hours and especially after his bus was supposed to have gotten into Cartagena four hours earlier. But he finally called us near midnight, met up with us and we celebrated rather than ground him.

We alluded to the funniest ongoing conversation with Keyon in our last post. It had to do with all the things his ex-wife wouldn´t do for him/with him in their marriage. I hope he doesn´t kill me for posting this but its pretty funny stuff and I want to remember it when I´m old.

1) She wouldn´t wash his back for him.
2) He always read her book suggestions (which he claims were horrible) but she´d never read one of his.
3) She wouldn´t cook for him and on the five occasions when she did, she would ask what he wanted and then completely ignore his request and cook what she wanted.

I wish I could go on but Keyon had to cut his trip short to fly back home for a family emergency. Luckily all turned out well. He was with us for a brief period of time in Venezuela and you´ll see him in the next post.

A couple more parting thoughts/shots:
Keyon is a fantastic chef. Be sure to ask him for his three hour salsa recipe. Here is the abbreviated version - buy what you need for salsa then take three hours making it as you normally would. The only thing slower than his salsa recipe is his walking speed. If you need to get somewhere fast, its probably best just to leave Keyon behind.

And last but not least, his Survivor audition video. Enjoy

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