Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life on the bus - plus pics from Barichara

When Gemma and I started our trip three months ago in Lima, Peru I asked the owner of the first hostel we stayed at how we should travel about South America. What I meant by that question was given that we started in Lima and wanted to see Bolivia which was to the south and Colombia which is to the north, which way should we head first? A smartass hostel owner from Panama was in the room and answered ¨By Bus¨. Yeah thanks buddy, we got that.

But traveling by bus is pretty much a twice weekly occassion for us. There is basically no rail system in South America and my sense of direction is too awful for us to try and drive. We spend ALOT of time on buses. The person in the seat in front of me ALWAYS extends their seat back as far as possible immediately when they sit down, even if its not time to sleep. Gemmas seat never reclines. The air conditioning is always on full blast making it freezing cold. The people selling the bus tickets lie about how long the journey is, usually subtracting at least an hour or two. The roads are usually terribly bumpy and Gemma gets motion sick.

One positive of life on the road is that we get to see alot of stunning scenery along the way. I usually don´t take pictures through the glass because they rarely turn out well but the one below was taken from the bus. Its not the best example of the scenery we see, but its decent.

Onto Barichara, a stunningly beautiful quiet little Colombian town just north of Bogota. We only spent the afternoon there because there isn´t much to do. Its just a really beautiful town that the guidebook described as a picture perfect setting for a Hollywood movie.

The little theatre below looks out onto the vista you see in the picture right below it. We didn´t get to see a performance but it must make for a good venue.

All the buildings had red tile roofs and colored windows. There were lots of flowers everywhere and some cool looking trees. Not much else to say about this little town, but thought you might like to see some pics.

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