Saturday, September 05, 2009

Fountain of Youth Discovered!

Thats right, I´m 25 years old again! Crackin!
Gemma is a little younger than I and constantly likes to remind me how close to 30 I´m getting. Well for $10 and a little forgery I´m officially an "International Youth Traveler". Thats right, you have to be under 26 years old to have the honor of carrying this card. I handed them my real drivers license but apparently they didn´t pay close attention to my birthdate.
So far I´ve only saved 7 soles ($2.30) but each sole saved tasted sweet.


  1. haha. don't admit this shit on paper! You crack my shit up! hi gemma!

  2. I still have mine from a long, long, LONG time ago....

  3. Finally. I can publish comments!!! I just have to use Safari. But for you Jordan. Anything.